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Twitterbox: Leo Varadkar

What you tweeted.

@PopulusLiber Politicians react with barely disguised ire to one of their own telling the truth about matters. I despair! #varadkar #bailout

@WestAwake We now have 7 Ministers #Noonan #Bruton #Howlin #Varadkar #Hayes #Burton & #Kenny All in the Dept Of Finance Portfolio! #FG #rtefl #vinb



Some say that Sepp Blatter's behaviour has crossed a line. But thanks to his refusal to allow the relevant technology, we may never know.

@FOOTBALLB00KS Coca-Cola You said it! Now do the REAL THING! Get rid of Sepp Blatter!

@grantstaylor wonders who the fifa reps are going to vote for? Sepp blatter or sepp blatter?

David Norris

@Davetizer Before you jump to any views about David Norris, take time to read the articles in question. His work and ethics have earned him that right.

@astroboh I see the Irish political establishment are going after David Norris. Can't have a gay 'West Brit'/non-loyal party hack as president, eh?

@ TellyDubby This David Norris 'story' is bizarre.....is it a classic smear? I can't fathom it. Nine years later...just listening back to #Liveline

E coli

@hellocph Europeans trade blame over Ecoli outbreak

@Ganglanders Spain has expressed anger at links being made between Spanish cucumbers and a deadly E. coli

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