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Twitterbox: Leo Varadkar

What you tweeted.

@brendanlawlor Leo Varadkar coming across like a minister all over his brief. Very little waffle and lots of direct answers. More of this please.

@ karlypants Leo Varadkar on #vinb "I don't think default 'is' inevitable if you look at our debt to GDP ratio." REALLY?


Yes to Luas lines connected, no to Metro 'white elephant' North. #Leo Varadkar to implement hopefully

@colmhumphries Leo Varadkar is really the Lord High Everything Else of Irish politics. Always on the air, somewhere, and speaking on any and all matters!

Bin Laden

@recherchechic So now they're saying OBL wasn't armed, shouldn't he have been captured and given a trial then?


So, Bin Laden was unarmed. Neither were the 9/11 victims.

@joelandaya We've all had to give up some rights tks to OBL, so you will forgive me for not being too concerned today about bin Laden's rights.


Most in Abbottabad agree: Bin Laden could not have lived there without authorities detecting him.

Saoirse Ronan

@mr_popcorn Saoirse Ronan to star in an adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's 'The Host', from a script by 'Gattaca' director Andrew Niccol

@TarraAnn85 Saoirse Ronan cast as Melanie Stryder in 'The Host'

@lisabeth515 Excited!

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