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Twitterbox: Healy-Rae

@PotatoInsertionn What? WHAT? Someone has been making a mockery of Irish politics? Some using their position for personal gain? Nooooo. . . #healyrae

@aptmilpalmeras What really angers me about #healyrae story is how they treat the public like fools.

@natural20 The Irish have a long history of poll-stuffing, but this is the first time we've all had to pay for it without our knowledge.

@ratskins The sheer baldness of it

@owensdamien I don't think any less of the Healy-Raes because of the phone thing but only because I couldn't possibly think any less of them.

@wellboyfilms Ah, people of Kerry -- you must be very proud today.

@TalkingBallsGAA For all your telemarketing needs, join Dail Eireann. Packages to suit every pocket including unlimited free calls. #healyrae #gaa

@Thinkofaname Al What's interesting is the polarising effect of the #healyrae family. Why do so many love & vote for them? That's the real question.

@flexbrowne Flex Let's not turn this #healyrae phone fiasco into a cosmo Dublin Vs 'culchie' Kerry thing. Doesn't matter where he's from.

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