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Twitterbox: Greece

@RupertNeate Fancy buying a 55pc stake in Athens Int Airport? It's being dressed for sale in Claridge's.

@GlobalPost European leaders refuse to discuss a "plan B" for Greece. Is there one?

@jeremywarnerUK No wonder Wen Jiabaio is keen on the eurozone, run by unaccountable bureaucrats for what they see as general public good. Sound familiar?

@Petercampbell1 Interesting that Greeks who reject austerity also say they want to leave the euro and return to the drachma.

@joeyjones Am en route to Brussels to save the euro. Or bury it. When they start sending Westminster hacks, you know it's serious.@carlquintanilla The kids in black smashing windows in #Greece are largely anarchists, with little or no interest in sovereign debt issues.

@tracyalloway Once Europe stabilises it'll "be too late to impose a restructuring. . .on Greece: there won't be enough market debt left" -- David Mackie, JPM.

@LorcanRK Rehn: There is no Plan B . . .Reuters sources: There is a Plan B.

@paulmasonnews Greece: my taxi driver favours military coup and dictatorship. They nearly always do. #Greece

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