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Twitterbox: General Election

What you tweeted.

@AodhanORiordain So delighted and humbled to have received the trust of so many. Honeymoon is over already. Time for work. Time for a new Republic. #ge11

@sdempsey I hope that the rise of the left & some talented independents will lead to real debate in the up til now dysfunctional dail #ge11

@rameirerob Fianna Fail votes have fallen like bank shares. they are looking to be recapitalised & bailed out. #ge11 #kesth @RTE_Elections cont...

@psneeze And the winner of today's draw for a poison chalice worth minus €85bn is ... wait for it ... Mr Enda Kenny of Mayo. #ge11

@Yandoctor DMRyan Ironic that FF saved from complete annihilation by the STV system that they have tried twice to get rid of #ge11

@MartinaReilly Daughter says 'election like the x-factor only much more important' #ge11

@gobansaor I love the smell of democracy in the morning #GE11

@nooks70 A protest in the ballot box is such a privilege. Thinking of the people of Libya this morning #ge11 #Libya

@diarmy @MaryERegan just asking honestly now ... What does it matter if FF has no women? It's about quality people not sex. #ge11

@eugeneq1 RT @RTE_Elections: Pat Carey FF: 'No shame in losing. The shame would be if we didn't learn from it.' #ge11

@CheapEatsDotIE Would I be right in thinking that the entire province of Connacht is still going to return only one Labour TD? #ge11

@MartinJDeane Of all the countries where Greens ought to know about being Green! Come on Ireland! #ge11 #gpconf

@kingkane So after 80 years is the experiment with a slightly constitutional party finally over? #ge11

@RichardAngell RT@LGBT Labour:Great to see Ireland has elected first openly gay TD. Congratulations to @Domhannigan who topped the poll in Meath #ge11

@ovalball Last sting of a dying wasp as McDowell might say RT @RTE_Elections: Dick Roche is not conceding defeat yet in #wk #ge11

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