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Twitterbox: General Election

What you tweeted.

@johnjoechad #ge11 watching our EU bosses praise Putin for his help. I wonder if the Chechnya people would agree with Barroso.

@declanganley Saw a clever suggestion this evening 'as a protest to forced emigration, vote then fold your ballot paper into a plane' #ge11 #paperprotest

@JohnDaveBuckley #ge11. We can't be complacent and need a big turnout, seriously lets Rock The Convert!

@martinjcasey Don't forget there are 100s of designers & developers unemployed in Ireland and our 2 largest political parties outsourced web to US. #ge11

@ronanlyons When voting in #ge11, I recommend ranking all candidates. Stopping early increases chances of electing candidate you don't like w/out quota!

@dekdek I'm beginning to fear #finegael is the wolf in sheeps clothing #ge11

@sirthopas Enda said 3 times that equality for gay people is not a priority, which obviously means equality in general isn't either. Take note. #ge11

@marklittlenews Interesting and equal mix of views of election moratorium. Half say outdated nonsense. Other half say necessary respite.

#ge11@_MacRebel If Labour supporters spent more time canvassing and getting their policies across instead of writing on Facebook ye might do better #ge11


#Libya; #Gaddafi; #Tripoli; #Benghazi

@encnn Workers in Benghazi power plant refused Tripoli's orders to cut electricity to city. Power supply now more reliable than before. #Libya

@dgcourriel From what I read there are still way too many expats and Libyans with double nationality who are trapped in #Tripoli. #Libya

@timbuckteeth RT @DefenceHQ HMS Cumberland has docked in Benghazi and is currently preparing to carry out the evacuation of British Nationals. #Libya

@Matt_Clayton "The carnage in #Libya must stop. A leader who crushes his own people does not deserve that name -- or position." -- Desmond Tutu

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