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Twitterbox: General Election

What you tweeted.

@thenext50k I wonder how many people are basing their decision to leave Ireland on the outcome of the upcoming elections? #GE11

@woegeous Dear FG and Labour. Drop the juvenile pretend fighting so we know what we are voting for. #ge11

@AlanRouge #ge11 Should be about more than just economy, people, society and the future. Slí Eile @tascnet.

@ratskins@gerardwyer I bet FG's Five Point Plan will become a Three Point Turn after the election. #rte11 #ge11 #vinb

@sneaksnote “Of two evils, it is always best to vote for the least hypocritical” – proverb. #ge11

@datbeardyman “@DavQuinn: If the unions can tell their members how to vote can the churches do likewise? #ge11” – now this is an interesting equivalency?


#Crawley; #Beb

@daraobriainEven though Crawley are 1-0 down, it's heartening to see that Bebe looks like he can really compete at this level.

@RussellSFC 9,000 Crawley fans at Old Trafford. This is Crawley who last week had to cancel a bus to Wrexham because only seven people were interested.

@rioferdy5 Maximum respect to Crawley town, great effort. Into the next round lads, like iiiiiit!


#GAA; #Dubs; #Croker

@trikel11@Walsh life Awh Louis poor Jedward down in Croker tonight looked like their stage was 2 old Tayto boxes.

@rajgallagher @planetjedward, promising debut for the Dubs. been a while since there have been anycartwheels in Croker.




@Dima_Khatib Not even ambulances spared. Libyan security forces and mercenaries have attacked them too in Benghazi. #feb17 #libya

@DZA13Libya, Bahrain, Somalia, Algeria and now Morocco... the People's revolution rolls on...

@sarahussein #Libya Devastating that is so impossible to cover. Journalists can't get in, so all the horrors are utterly underreported.

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