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Twitterbox: Garret FitzGerald

What you tweeted.

@MikeMckenzieCam Sad news about the passing of Garret FitzGerald, whatever your political views he was a great Irishman.

@spiller2 Garret FitzGerald is one of the reasons I joined Fine Gael. He was one of the great leaders of the party.

@sineaddesmond RIP Dr Garret Fitzgerald "the renaissance man of our time" as Mary McAleese said

@pronanj rip Garret FitzGerald -- the last of the proper old school politicians who wanted to do good by Ireland and not their pockets...

@gaffo63 @cooper_m @MiriamOCal So sad to hear passing of Garret FitzGerald. A great politician, statesman and gentleman.

@ Joff23 Rest in Peace, Dr Garret FitzGerald. Patriot, academic and visionary.

Europa League

@Iobhionn #europaleague delighted Ireland got to show off its fantastic new stadium! An absolute pleasure :)

@Ramc_AK congratulations to #fcporto on winning the treble! league, domestic cup and the #europaleague

President McAleese

@Glinner By the way, did you hear President McAleese talked to the queen about 'Father Ted'?

@Liverpool4ever Just watched the queen's speech at Dublin Castle yesterday. What a wonderful day for Ireland and for our President Mary McAleese!

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