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Twitterbox: Garret Fitzgerald

What you tweeted.

@brownianthought Sad to hear about Dr Garret Fitzgerald this morning. Sharp, compassionate, always on the ball. Think this morning I'll trouble deaf heaven.

@Keith_Hoare Thoughts are with former Taoiseach and Party Leader Dr Garret Fitzgerald who is ill at present. Wish him a speedy recovery #garretthegreat

@FineGaelToday Our thoughts and prayers are with former Taoiseach Dr Garret FitzGerald who is ill in hospital at the moment. @madblaa Saddened to hear Garret Fitzgerald is seriously ill in hospital. Sharpest most intelligent Taoiseach this country ever had.

Bord Gais

@colmtobin Bord Gais prices could rise by 20pc this winter. Glad I made the Big Switch to save 15pc.

@steveohrourke Bord Gais spokesperson couldn't sound any more disinterested and dismissive of the massive potential price rises on #todaypk

@CWeston_Indo Bord Gais charges residential customers 13pc less in the North, says Consumers Association. Shameful.


@athraighdEirinn No pay cut for Teachers' Union chief while members have wages slashed.When will this country learn?

@keinath Apparently, the best way to attract better teachers is to pay them LESS.

@ sdsullivan @laurenbeukes Here we're being overrun by corporatists who increase pay for millionaires while cutting teachers & middle class wages. Ugh!

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