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Twitterbox: Fianna Fail

What you tweeted.

@IrishDigest State board-appointed Fianna Fail Cllrs should resign immediately. Political cronyism at its worst. It's now the turn of FG and Lab.

@Lafsword Michael McGrath said new Government walked people up a hill -- Fianna Fail walked us over a cliff and into the depths of despair. #vinb

@dympna101 Joke of the day -- Micheal Martin to use successful female Seanad candidate to give Fianna Fail more gender balanced look. #Ireland #dail31

@Neidi Why is Fianna Fail not in government with Labour and Fine Gael. They all have the same policies. #vinb

@Ecoamh I am sick of all this deliberation on past Fianna Fail antics we have heard it all before let's talk solutions to problems.

Dalai Lama

@aengusmaynooth I'm within 20km of the Dalai Lama for the second time in my life. I feel his calming influence -- or it's relief after a three-hour meeting.

@dilemmaog The Dalai Lama is fair sound. He got us a day off college...

Enda Kenny

@Oireachtas_RX Enda Kenny says "We're stuck with it" on the 110 appointments made by Fianna Fail just before leaving office. #dail

@jojowalsh Enda Kenny seems to have grown in stature since taking office. Just watched leader's questions and he seems very comfortable and confident.