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Twitterbox: Enda Kenny

What you tweeted.

@theroryegan I'm incensed by Enda Kenny's offer of deferring his €100,000 payout. With four years' teaching and a Dail pension as well he deserves nothing.

@Auric_K #ge11 So Enda Kenny now censoring interviews re pension? Typical. So much for FG's much-vaunted 'transparency'.

@padraigosull Enda Kenny should have signalled his intention to give up his teacher's pension long before it became an election issue. Caught out again, Enda.

@greenscribbler Hang on a minute -- Enda Kenny gets a teacher's pension for 34 years' service even though he only taught for four years? #won'tgetmyvote.

@Lalajohnny Will this get the same coverage as y/day? RT @PoliticsIE Enda Kenny says he will not accept any of his teacher's pension.

@arrestcowen Enda Kenny showing gr8 leadership again surrendering teaching pension. He gave up the post years ago. Martin still has his teaching job open.



@john_fog Maurice Deegan really getting it from the Castlebar crowd. Handed 34 frees to Kerry as opposed to 21 for Mayo.

@brianmikeseth The build-up to Dublin-Kerry on Saturday starts in ernest, unlikely that Galvin&Declan will be back. . . fearing the worst.


#Libya; #Feb17

@acarvin There's something extraordinarily helpless about sitting here on Twitter while people are likely being killed right now in Tripoli.

@AvaVidal @acarvin @monaeltahawy Sign outside Libyan embassy in London reads: "We will not let you die in the dark." It's the best we can do now.

@ashrafkhalil by Penny_G International media in Cairo is heading en masse to the #egypt #libya border and just waiting for floodgates to open.

@ShababLibya by hamido85 'They are monsters, its like you are watching a horror movie.' A Libyan call to Al Jazeera two days ago. May God be with them.

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