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Twitterbox: Election

What you tweeted.

@crowther_paul Micheál Martin told Morning Ireland today that Ireland will not default. With FF's record I guess this means we will #ge11 #rtedeb

@zhou_enlai Got the feeling that the political leaders were talking to the international markets and foreign governments as much as to Irish ppl #rtedeb

@fishbelfast By not raising his voice Enda Kenny came across as calm & statesmanlike, at 1 point letting Gilmore argue it out with Martin #rtedeb #ge11

@nculligan Surprising even by their standards that the leaders weren't a bit more revved up tonight. Oh well, just another 5 years so. #rtedeb

Irish language


@victory2Uto #PatKenny #ge11 Irish language – out; ESB – out; Bord Gais – out. Welcome to Thatcherism and welcome Enda Kenny

@squidlimerick He has to do without the Irish dancing. well if they can do without the dancing, they won’t mind losing the Irish language too #rtedeb

NZ Earthquake


@OwainJones36 I hope Christchurch can play big part in RWC 2011. Like Wales, rugby unites NZ and the community needs reasons for hope in these dark days.

@wannabe_runnerV cross with Oxford Christchurch College – sending money to the cathedral in Christchurch NZ whilst 75+ are dead & people need help... Grrr



@Warren_Young Finally got our last person out of #Tripoli. It was a nightmare at #Libya airport. Thousands waiting for flights.

@Gheblawi The government trying to give a sense of normality by sending SMS messages to urge people to return to work in #Tripoli #Libya

@osmoxisSo here's to those who don't know: Genocide is happening in Libya, the airport is bombed so no one can get out... Please pray.

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