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Twitterbox: Election

What you tweeted.

@beslowboy Nigh on impossible to call, I've been asking people for last 10 days. Everyone gives a different answer. #ge11 #GalwayEast #gye

@johnfitzpatric MMs mantra 1.8 million working need protection. Does that mean the other 2.2 million don’t need protection? #todaypk #rtept #vinb

@sppower01@gerry_breen #vinb Sorry Gerry #enda didn't energise many last night. As @BrianODriscoll knows difficult to get back2 back performances @Aviva

@Greensmyth Everyone should watch U. Halligan's interview with Enda before putting pencil to ballot paper. No wonder he wouldn't go on #vinb

@wideawake9#vinb Why don’t these politicians get some sort of media coaching. It’s embarrassing to watch car crash tv. The young guy Dylan is impressive.

@irishpaintings Between #rtefl and #vinb tonight I'm thinking the independent block in the new dail could be much smaller than predicted #ge11



@itsnicolefritz, @BorowitzReport Find him!? We can't even agree on a spelling of his name: Qaddafi, Qadhafi, Kadafi, Gaddafi...

@Dima Khatib Qaddafi knows he has lost control over 2/3, or maybe even up to 3/4, of national territory. He will pull all his tricks now #libya #feb14

@YoussefMunayyer International isolation of Libya without intervention is like leaving innocents in a closed room with a mad man. #gadaffi #DOSOMETHINGPLEASE

NZ Earthquake


@KRuddMP What we are seeing from Christchurch is enough to rip your heart out. Kiwis are family. Kevin Rudd.

@vegemitevix I had a tear in my eye seeing Christchurch Cathedral like that. Somehow that got me. #eqnz

@zanelowe Please help our brothers and sisters in Christchurch, NZ recover from yesterday’s earthquake. www.redcross.org.nz/donate

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