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Twitterbox: Dail dress code

@John__Mee I'm with Mick Wallace on the dress code. All the guys that screwed this country were suits. "Wolf in sheep's clothing."

@Sinabhfuil Can't believe we the citizens paid for a committee to decide Dail dress code. Gobsmacked.

@munstermaid Glad Dail debating dress code, wud hate them 2 take 2 much time on HSE.

@Scullybones023 Support proposals for a dress code in the Dail, watch out Mick Wallace and Richard Boyd Barrett.

@ronportnoir Mick Wallace, I don't care what you wear, you're one of a couple of TDs not afraid to give your opinion.

@IanDempsey It's time for Shane Ross to enter the Dail in a Gap T-shirt -- just to show how stupid the new dress code idea is.

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