Thursday 14 November 2019

Twitterbox: Brian McFadden

What you tweeted.

@BrianMcFaddenI love Delta and always will. She is one of God's living angels. I thank her for giving me the best years of my life. Please give us time x

@C103ColumWestlife and Kerry Katona are on red alert this evening as the news of Brian McFadden's break-up reaches them!


@brianwilbyECB will raise interest rates to combat inflation, driven by oil prices. High prices + high rates = stifled growth.

@keitholennonin relation to new mortgages, there's an elephant in the room. ECB to increase rate due to 2.6% inflation rate in euro zone

@kiwitrader24 Thinking ahead, correct me if I'm wrong, ECB expected to raise rates next week = stronger EUR, weaker USD in near future.

Stress test

@mediabiteFrance and Germany had more to do with bringing this crisis than Ireland or Greece. #stresstest #Ireland

@RBoydBarrettGroveling before the EU to pay off the bankers and speculators and crush our society. The new government has become the old one. #stresstest

@jaycee001Ireland now has the same credit rating from S&P as the Bahamas and Thailand. Could we at least have their weather? #stresstest

@gmcmahonHow apt that #lowry wants to build a super casino in Tipperary given the S&P #stresstest benchmark is the state of Nevada. #todaypk

@jodonnell05“To the Burren, Bondholders!” Maybe that was what Labour were saying during the election and I just mis-heard it.

@lisaamccHouse price drop of 1/3 as forecasted by #stresstest will become target price now for would-be buyers

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