Thursday 21 November 2019

Twitterbox: Bin Laden

What you tweeted.

@alexhardy I understand people's relief about #OBL, but in the end a 'war on terror' will be won by promoting peace and tolerance, not more death.

@hill79 Not sure what to make of Bin Laden's death, I feel like it would've been better if he'd been brought to justice rather than blown to bits.

@sabsmama Do not rejoice when your enemy falls and do not let your heart be glad when he stumbles Proverbs 24:17 #obl #osama.

@MISS_SAIMAH You killed one man, and motivated a few hundred thousand more terrorists, clever #obl.

@Fragrancevelly Osama is dead. Good job. It took 10 years!!! Lost billions to kill one man, who was hiding in a friend's country? @Chels__ox S'all good killing Osama bin Laden -- but what happens when all his side decide to start killing our troops?

Donegal Fire

@stmbtdiane Many Donegal mountains are now on fire. It was all brown when we were there, instead of green. Pls pray for lots of rain.

@memseire The Fire Brigade and Army have and continue to do an amazing job trying to fight the fires here in #Donegal.


@ronangilbride Congrats to d Dubs on their first div1 title since 1939, especially delighted for Anthony Daly.

@ offcentrecircle @sportsdes Dubs are deserving league winners but are still miles off being serious all-Ireland contenders #GAA.

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