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Election #ge11 @powerirelandA politician thinks of the next election. A statesman, of the next generation! James Freeman

Clarke VOTE #ge11 @jpaobrien St Patrick's NS Polling Station resembled some sort of social coffee afternoon. Everyone having the craic, big turnout.#ge11 @journodaveAs one nation tosses out its dictator with weapons, another is tossing out its government with pencils & paper #ge11 #libya @bencgarrett I hope people don’t get scared and revert back to civil war politics #ge11 @frbryanshortallVoted earlier today in Irish General Election. Mindful of people who have no right to vote or no say... mindful of violence in Libya. #ge11 @comerford Apparently the voting in #DublinSE for #ge11 was described as “pretentious” – I'll admit to grabbing a cappucino on the way home, sorry...

@LochyW People dying in Libya today fighting for the right to vote... make the effort and make sure you get out an vote in #ge11

Galliano #galliano; #dior @TationnaBosierOMG! RT @FashionweekNYC Breaking News: Christian Dior has suspended head designer John Galliano following his arrest for alleged assault! @cleverbuttonsJohn Galliano being dropped by Dior. How will this affect their future? @raaaychurl !!! John Galliano suspended by Dior!! Isn't he the one designing Kate Moss's wedding dress

Libya #libya; #gaddafi @stephenfry #Gaddafi appears to have separated himself from any semblance of reality, which would be funny if it didn't mean slaughter, pain and horror @Jnoubiyeh Dictator Muammar #Gaddafi stated that he “will fight until the very end.” #Libyans have bravely responded, “And so will we.” #Libya #Feb17 @WackyWaceThe independence flag, flown before Gaddafi came to power, is reportedly flying now in parts of Tripoli. #Libya #feb17