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General Election

@sinnfeinireland Gerry Adams Sinn Fein. If Labour is so opposed to FG policies why go into Government with them? @dlooney People questioning Eamon Gilmore's suitability as Taoiseach because he is an atheist are nothing short of moronic bigots. #ge11

@Ruaidhri_ Note to God-bothering 'pro-life' types. Your paranoia re @Labour & abortion just convinced me to give them a higher preference. #ge11 @PaulHayes21 Ned O'Keeffe: "Too many intellectuals" in the last Cabinet. I want to know where they were all hiding #ge11

@declanganley WSJ.com -- ECB Says Bank Borrowing At 19-Month-High. Something big going on here, could be to cover deposit transfers

@Karlypants Micheal Martin vid says it all. He's here for a photo op luv, dont be bothering him with 'reality'.

youtube/pKYmx6bI-vM #ge11

@mrs_bopp Kate Bopp

My biggest fear re #ge11 is that only those who can *buy* votes will get seats & there will be no change to the status quo. #VoteIndependent

@SenShaneRoss Shane Ross

Battleaxe in Knocklyon tells wife Ruth she (and all women TDs) should not be out canvassing but should be at home washing the dishes!!

Trade unions

@niallkearns David Begg is living in a parallel universe. The Trade Unions ARE the Vested Interests. #ictu

@robscanlon Poor David Begg from #ictu. Face it, Bertie's gone, and you got booed at in the big march in Dec. #fg #ge11

@VainMann Labour took the gloves off and now ICTU are gunning for Fine Gael. We're starting to get a touch of American political scraps #ge11


@AlJallabi14 Maiith "We'll sacrifice our blood and soul for Bahrain". Chanted by protesters earlier. #Feb14 #Bahrain #Massacre #PearlRoundabout

@yasikardashian yasmeen

RT "@3baas: Don't identify people by saying: "pro" or "anti." Identify them by saying: "humane" or "inhumane." #feb14 #Bahrain"


@hocinedim Ali Hocine Dimerdji

I cannot do much except send you my love and thoughts brave people of #Bahrain and #Libya. Your blood will not be forgotten.

@libyanfsl Libya NFSL

Libyan Army has deployed in the streets of Benghazi and soldiers seen saluting the demonstrators and supporting them #Feb17 #Libya #GE11 = General Election 2011; WSJ - Wall Street Journal; #TG4deb= TG4 leaders debate; #ictu = Irish Congress of Trade Unions

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