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Twiterbox: Victory

What you tweeted.

@ronanlyons Ireland have just beaten Italy 2-0, making it four clean sheets in a row. Last time that happened was Oct 04-Feb 05

@SineadHoolie *starts singing* Ole, ole, ole, ole! RT @RichieMcCormack Ireland beat Italy 2-0! *bursts out door onto the road* Where is everyone? #streetparty

@ChrisPatSimpson Go on Ireland! 2-0 against the Italians. They may have had half a team but so did we! @andymcgeady Paul McShane captained Ireland to a 2-0 win over Italy. Read that again. And again. Truly, anything is possible.

@Ciaran_O Well that was a pleasant surprise. No Keane, Doyle, Given, O'Shea, McGeady, Duff, Dunne or Gibson and Ireland beat Italy 2-0.


@SenDavidNorris The very best of luck to all sitting the first papers of their Leaving and Junior Cert exams today. Our good wishes are with you!

@boards_ie Office conversation: How lucky are those Junior and Leaving Cert students to have rain today?

@FraffieB 1 Nervous Nelly safely delivered in plenty of time for JC English Paper 1 *sniffs quietly* #babygirlhasgone

@TubridyTweets And now, the end is near . . . for all the Leaving and Junior Certs. Go forth and be brilliant, freedom awaits.

Imogen Thomas

@jackiortega007 Imogen Thomas swears off footballers: However she wants to go on Celebrity Big Brother.

@LoDoyley Ryan Giggs: Imogen Thomas, his bro's wife, now a THIRD one to be revealed and his wife's still with him? WAGs? Nah, MUGs. No self-respect.

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