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Tutu is part of elite quango

Madam – I refer to the news item "Tutu visit draws ire of town councillor" (Sunday Independent, March 31, 2013).

Is Councillor Gerry Ginty so unaware of the prestige of his intended visitors to Ballina, that he treats them with such contempt? Does he not know that both Tutu and Robinson are prominent members of an august cabal styling themselves 'The Elders' and when they meet they put both hands together in the traditional prayer manner and bow to each other in acknowledgement of their elevated standing and their God-given status to pronounce on all matters pertaining to human rights?

Mr Ginty can consider himself lucky that the third member of this elite quango is not going to be present also. I refer to Kofi Annan, former UN high commissioner, a man remarkable for having achieved nothing worthy of note.

I take my hat off to the councillor for being courageous enough to speak out on Tutu's deplorable record of presiding over an administration that has made no change whatsoever to the awful plight of his own native people.

Dan O'Connell,

Cork city

Irish Independent