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Turning off the lights for our brightest

• Two weeks ago, my daughter did the Government a major favour when she removed herself from the Live Register by moving to London.

She had graduated from Limerick University with a Masters in Journalism. She then proceeded to an internship. There followed a frustrating and soul-destroying four months when the prospect of a meaningful career in this benighted isle proved to be a mirage.

So, reluctantly she had to join the vast majority of her classmates who had already taken the boat.

Ironically, one of her last tasks in her internship had been to interview these same graduates for a feature on graduate emigration. She has now become one of the 40,000 who have fled these shores.

Our best and brightest have become the forgotten generation as our leaders preen themselves to become leaders of the EU on January 1.

When my daughter and the thousands more like her see the photo of our great leader on the cover of 'Time' magazine for his achievement in leading the Celtic revival, I hope they appreciate their part in his achievement by removing themselves from the Live Register, thus improving our economic profile.

Ireland, in the form of Ryanair, had a final farewell present for my daughter when one of O'Leary's eagle-eyed acolytes spotted that her case looked a little too plump -- even though it had passed the required test for size -- and demanded an extra €50.

What a fitting metaphor for the treatment of our young graduates in the Ireland of 2012.

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