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Turf war

• I would like to congratulate and compliment your journalist Ian O'Doherty on his wonderful and 100pc correct observation on the outburst of Luke Flanagan in the Dail last week, when the Roscommon TD compared the present 'ban on cutting turf in certain bogs' to the Holocaust in Nazi Germany.

May I suggest that the deputy goes into his local library and researches and educates himself on what exactly happened in World War Two, where he will find that there is indeed no comparison whatsoever to the Holocaust in Nazi Germany with the 'ban of cutting turf in certain bogs'.

And then may I suggest that Mr Flanagan apologises to the Dail for his completely ridiculous and utterly insulting comparison and also to the people of Roscommon, his constituency, for associating us, with this stupid and very loose remark.

James Campbell
Carrick-on-Shannon, Co Leitrim

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