Wednesday 11 December 2019

Tune out all the radio negativity

Sir -- Referring to Brendan Newman's letter (Sunday Independent, October 17), I agree with him. We must rid ourselves of this incessant moaning and negativity that has taken over our lives.

Maybe Joe Duffy might consider having a 'Funny Friday' every day, instead of his usual 'what should the State be doing for me' format. Over the past five decades, I have voted for many different political parties, and my vote next time around will be for the party that is brave and honest enough to take the tough decisions that are necessary to lead us out of our present financial mess. In the meantime, my solution for a more positive outlook is to change radio channels when the moaning starts.

S Brown, Dublin 13

Take a pick of Ireland's Worst

Sir -- OK, we have had Ireland's Greatest, now what about Ireland's Worst? This should make for interesting choices and viewing figures.

Frank McGurk,


Don't neglect literary past

Sir -- I was very interested in Joseph O'Connor's article (Sunday Independent, October 17) and his love for the authors of another era. While working in the mobile library in Fermoy in the Seventies, I had the privilege of meeting the well-known writer, Mary Lavin, who impressed me very much with her quiet manner and humility. It is a memory that will always remain with me. The place was Garryvoe outside Midleton where we stayed for a few nights before moving on again. I know that there are good modern writers too, but our literary past should not be neglected.

Tim O'Sullivan,

Cahirciveen, Co Kerry

Art is for the ordinary citizen

Sir -- My heart bleeds for Robert Ballagh and the select coterie of artists whom the Bank of Ireland in its wisdom is selling. These artists are now worried that the high-priced scarcity of their works will be diluted by this event.

And I thought good representative art was for ordinary Republican Socialists and other citizens!

K Nolan,

Caldragh, Co Leitrim

Paidi's pick of the O Se clan

Sir -- With reference to Paidi O Se's football team of the year, (Sunday Independent, October 17), to complete the full set of the O Se clan, Paidi should have picked Darragh at midfield also and to hell with it.

Yerra, Paidi boy, what difference does 12 months out of the inter-county game make? You should have stuck him in there. I bet you wanted to! Maybe if you took off the green and gold tinted glasses you might see Gaelic football as the rest of us mere mortals see it.

John Gallagher,

Kildorrery, Co Cork

The wonder of nature

Sir -- Having read and enjoyed in the Sunday Independent last week, Gerry Daly's gardening article on the Autumnal Leadwort, I was fascinated as always, with his perfect descriptions of nature.

Reading his article reminded me of a recent trip to Killarney. Killarney in autumn time with its sensational waterfalls, lakes and blue misty mountains, would lift ones spirits no matter how low, as would many parts of this great land.

Kathleen Blanchfield,


Co Kilkenny

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