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Truth may lead to revolt


Brian Lenihan

Brian Lenihan

Brian Lenihan

Madam -- Once upon a time, when someone did something bad they were punished for it.

When the leading bankers who acted irresponsibly were removed, most thought that this was a good thing.

Now we find that a good deal of them have been rehired and placed in other banking positions. It is indeed news that seems very hard to understand.

While some other people are being considered for prosecution, one suspects rightly or wrongly that the investigation into their actions is going nowhere.

The Brian Lenihan notes might indeed make interesting reading and could sell a lot of newspapers if they ever become published. It would indeed be nice to hear the real truth from the horse's mouth, as it were. Somehow I doubt if these will ever see the light of day as the truth of the matter could well lead to a potential revolution.

Michael O'Meara, Killarney, Co Kerry

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