Saturday 25 November 2017

Trump's bully tactics have talked him out of presidential race

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton after the debate Picture: AFP
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton after the debate Picture: AFP

One candidate talked himself out of the job on Monday night. Genuinely, I found the entire Trump experience very uncomfortable. Those who stayed up to watch the debate would have seen that Donald was out of control. His yelling at the moderator, as well as his opponent, made my stomach turn. Imagine Phil Spector taking the witness stand, that's the Republican candidate at every podium.

In my opinion, he lost in every round of questions. Clinton did gradually quite well given the bizarre circumstances her opponent brought to the night. She was coherent, I thought, and made professional sense. Her opponent waffled and praised himself and talked of money rather than feelings and emotions and the struggles of the average American. Something I imagine they would prefer to hear. Until now, I have distanced myself from the US elections. However, I must say, after watching this debate, it is no longer a joke, it is no longer funny.

I believe it is essential Hillary Clinton wins the election. And that's not because I'm a Clinton supporter, because I'm not. I always try my hardest to find good in people first. Trump clearly does believe to a certain extent in what he's saying, and he clearly cares about the future of America, and would work very hard in the job because he is a driven person. He is very talented to have become successful. But one cannot overlook the fact that his temperament is hideous and dangerous. He illustrated for us very clearly in the debate on Monday night that he is immature, full of fibs, and absolutely not a candidate to be trusted with delicate information. I really feel very strongly about this. It worries me that people actually think he's the real deal.

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