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Trump is doing something right to attract such criticism

Letters to the Editor


US President Donald Trump. Photo: Reuters

US President Donald Trump. Photo: Reuters


US President Donald Trump. Photo: Reuters

The relentless criticism of Donald Trump has got more than tiresome at this stage. Why the constant criticism of everything he does? Why no balanced reporting here and, indeed, in the US? He must be doing something right to attract such condemnation.

Jennifer Rubin (Irish Independent, August 11) in referring to the president’s four Executive Orders to extend unemployment claims, delay payroll taxes, offer house eviction protection, and freeze student loan payments stated Congress had to pass a law to achieve such developments.

However, she omitted to say the Democrats ensured Congress could not pass such a law, which is in line with the attitude of that party since the president was elected. It has concentrated on absolutely nothing but ousting him. Democracy it is not.

At every turn, as the president attempted to put in place developments he had promised, he was thwarted by the Democratic Party.

Ms Rubin has offered an infantile argument against the deferral of student loan payment in stating it does nothing to feed a single mum, etc. What is it with practically all journalists that they cannot see beyond their prejudice against Mr Trump?

There is practically no mention of some Democrats being in favour of defunding the police and in presiding over the cities with the most violence at present and their refusal of federal aid from the president.

A plot to ensure he is not re-elected? When is Joe Biden going to emerge from his basement and allow debate on his policies?

Criticism of gatherings rings hollow with prominent Democrats attending Black Lives Matter rallies with no social distancing. Sauce for the goose, sauce for the gander?

Most certainly black lives matter, as do all lives, but there is no mention regarding abortion that the vast number of babies aborted are black.

It is no harm to try to highlight, if allowed, the fact that 60 million babies have been aborted in the US since Roe-v-Wade and Joe Biden and the Democrats have promised to continue this tragic trajectory with no restriction permitted.

Hopefully we can look forward to more balanced and factual coverage of the upcoming presidential election.

Mary Stewart

Donegal town, Co Donegal


How cost of school text books has been slashed by €70m

With regard to Larissa Nolan’s excellent article on the costs associated with back-to-school, I was delighted somebody had the confidence to blow this myth out of the water.

Ten years ago a core text book for post-primary classes would cost €33 to €37.50.

I started a publishing company in 2009 called Educate.ie and the vast majority of our core text books cost €19.95 or less.

An ebook was costing €25 and now they are free because Educate.ie decided to give our ebook free with the text book and our competition had to follow.

Ten years on and Educate.ie is the market leader for Junior Cycle text books and a growing presence at Leaving Cert.

Educate.ie has cut €70m-plus off the cost of text books.

These facts don’t feature in the back-to-school costs narrative.

Tony Walsh

Address with editor


Senators’ expenses show they are less than model citizens

Regarding the disgraceful payments made to most of its members during the closure of the Seanad, let me paraphrase the supermodel Linda Evangelista: It appears that our rural senators didn’t get out of bed for less than €70 a day during the lockdown.

PJ O’Meara

Cahir, Co Tipperary


Getting behind Democrats’ ticket for the White House

So it's a Biden/Harris ticket for the Democrats.

All I can say is: JOE/KAMALA...GO GET ’EM!

Herb Stark

Mooresville, North Carolina, US


Rising salmon numbers will see poachers fishing for more

The Irish Federation of Salmon and Sea-trout Anglers reports increased numbers of salmon in our rivers and attribute this to the 2006 drift net ban and other measures.

It could also be that because of the flooding in the first half of the year, the salmon were able to get out of the estuaries and avoid the drift netters who still work away despite being paid off in 2006.

With hotels and restaurants closed, there is no market for “fresh Irish salmon”.

Pity they didn’t withhold this information until after the winter to allow the salmon to spawn because now every poacher in the country will be taking down his nets.

I hope I am wrong but the rural Irish, if nothing else, are predictable.

Dr Michael Foley

Rathmines, Dublin 6

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