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True leadership

• Jose Mujica the president of Uruguay, earns $12,500 (€9,645) per month.

He gives away 90pc of it to the poor of that nation, living on the remaining $1,250. He believes in solidarity with his people during these hard times.

Recently I visited Iceland. I also visited the president's house. No security, no soldiers, walls, police or gate surround it. You can look in the front window whilst the great man wanders around.

On Sunday, I read that it takes our own president 20 minutes to get out of Aras an Uachtarain because he has to assemble his armed protection unit. How quick we settle into grandeur and entitlement.

The simplicity of the Uruguayan and Icelandic presidencies restore my faith in humble men.

John Cuffe
Dunboyne, Co Meath

Irish Independent