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True grit

• They have in many cases lived through, and in some cases, fought in a World War and all that entailed; they survived the Catholic Church regime; they got battered in school and again at home if they told what had happened; they walked off sports injuries like torn Achilles tendons; lived through many recessions; they reared families in the double figures on very low pay and with minuscule children's allowance payments; they paid 20pc interest rates on loans; they walked or cycled miles to work every day with no high-vis jackets or helmets and then actually worked a full 10 hours; they smoked 80 fags a day while drinking 10 pints a night and never needed a doctor or a psychiatrist -- and all without the help of Prozac, Lexapro or Wellbutrin.

Are the media and so-called interest groups really expecting us to believe that all of a sudden the father/mother or grandfather/grandmother we all respected and feared is sitting at home in his/her armchair terrified about a letter some Revenue official in Dublin sent him/her? I'd say the majority of letters went straight into the fire with the following few choice words: "Ah, let them f*** off".

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