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True church

• I sympathise with Denis Meehan (Letters, December 14) feeling that he is an "orphan of Mother Church" -- but it needn't be that way.

Some years ago, whilst living in England, I too found myself unable to have anything more to do with Rome, but at around the same time the guiding hand of the Holy Spirit led me to the Orthodox Church.

One Sunday morning I attended a divine liturgy at a local Russian Orthodox church, and immediately felt that I had come home.

The sheer beauty of the service, the singing, the gold vestments and the spirituality of it all brought me out in goose-bumps.

A few months later I was received into the Church, and know with my heart and soul that this is the 'One Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church'.

I also know now that it was because Rome broke away from the Holy Mother Church nearly 1,000 years ago, and has been drifting without a compass ever since, that she has ended up on the rocks.

John King
Letterkenny, Co Donegal

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