Friday 24 January 2020

Trick or Treaty?

The fiscal stability treaty hasn't even been ratified yet, and it is already having positive effects for Ireland.

The resignation and likely expulsion of Eamon O Cuiv from Fianna Fail on the grounds that he could not support the treaty could well bring about a split which could be a mortal blow to that party.

I think it's worth voting 'Yes' for this reason alone!

Thomas Ryan
Harold's Cross, Dublin 6W

In your editorial of February 29, referring to the upcoming referendum on the EU fiscal compact, you said that the Taoiseach has "stolen a march" on "the usual suspects -- sovereignty fetishists, neutrality obsessives and homegrown Europhobes". I understand this to refer to the opponents of the fiscal compact.

Those three terms -- "fetishist", "obsessive" and "phobe" -- are all commonly used to refer to someone suffering from a deeply irrational impulse.

In his book 'The Uses of Pessimism and the Danger of False Hope', philosopher Roger Scruton makes the point that when a radical change is proposed for a society -- the transformation of what was once a sovereign state into the vassal of an unaccountable foreign power, for example -- then the burden of proof should be on the innovators to show that the change is a good thing, not on the sceptics to show that it is a bad one.

Given the Europhiles' determination that the "European project" continue to advance at whatever cost to the member states, it seems to me that terms like "fetishist" and "obsessive" could be far more aptly applied to them.

Brian T Hickey
Baile Atha Cliath 7

Surely with the on coming referendum, one must ask what the Troika are essentially asking of us!

All the trappings here give one the impression of a sane society. We have universities that dish out PhDs to our senior civil servants. We have religious institutions; and ministries; the Leaving Certificate; law courts; banks; and a Constitution. The list is endless. So why can't we run ourselves! What's the problem?

As somebody who left school at 14, and therefore depends on the intelligence of the said institutions, and those better educated then me, I am at a loss. Who does one take advice from?

There must be intelligent life form out there somewhere. I await!

Victor Feldman
Ringsend Dublin.

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