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Trees could spark growth industry

Following James A Gleeson's suggestions about making tourism better for the economy of the country (Letters, January 18), I would like to send a couple of tips to Failte Ireland.

I'm spending a few days in Spain and am struck by two things that would bring me back.

The first is the sheer size of the rubbish bins they have in their hotel rooms. I could lob rubbish in them from Ireland and I wouldn't miss.

In Irish hotels and B&Bs they provide small, little bins that won't take more than a tissue. It appears cheap and mean to me.

Secondly, they like trees here!

The place is teeming with beautiful, well-kept and cared-for trees. In Ireland the trees are being decimated and the landscape ruined. We need to plant trees, native trees, everywhere.

It's amazing what things people pick up on as tourists, isn't it?

Jacqueline Cotter
Skibbereen, Cork

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