Friday 20 April 2018

Treaty truths

• I was embarrassed by our Finance Minister's recent glib and disparaging put-down of our Greek cousins. May I remind him and his fellow Eurocrats that our debt to Greece grossly outweighs the euro recklessly given by our overpaid European bankers in their greedy, 'fast-buck' adventurism.

May I remind him that, without Greece, Europe and the Western World as we know it would not exist. Greece gave us democracy, philosophy, empowering ideas of love, romance and heroism, the Gods of Olympus, our insights into human psychology, medicine, religion -- not only 'feta' for the body, but feta for the mind and soul.

When I hit my own life crisis, it was the Greek Islands, the Greek people, their music and the serenity of their churches that restored my zest for life.

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