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Treaty truths

• The first country to default, devalue and dump the euro will get the greatest benefit.

Ireland has only a limited time to jump off the Titanic and get clear of the wreckage.

Dr John Doherty
Gaoth Dobhair, Co Donegal

• I hope that we, the Irish people, will rise above party political loyalties when deciding how to vote on the fiscal treaty.

Was it not these same political parties, who in bad government or derelict opposition, allowed the economy to crash?

It would be high folly to obey their present, unrelenting calls and rush into a constitutionally-binding, permanent agreement unless we are certain that we should and can comply with its terms.

We know that while we are forced to carry vast private banker debts as well as our own, we have no such certainty and failure would bring us disrepute, punishments, fines and further loss of state assets.

The only certainty seems to be that by passing this treaty we would entrench our own fiscal subservience to an unelected, centralised politburo and a deeply exploitative and democratically unaccountable private banking system.

The Greeks are almost destroyed by the madness and other euro nations are floundering.

The Dutch, French and even the German people are now asserting themselves and moving towards much needed new thinking. This referendum is our privilege and our chance to join them.

Rosie Cargin
Kinsale, Co Cork

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