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Treaty truths

• I am voting No in the upcoming referendum on the fiscal treaty because I do not want to be condemned to more cutbacks and taxes as we try to stay within the impossible targets set for us by the European Commission in Brussels. The commission is an unelected body and it is they who will be telling us what we can and cannot spend. And all this will be written in perpetuity into our national laws.

I don't want my grandchildren to be still paying the debt of private bankers in Europe. This extra debt of 40pc was unjustly added to our national debt and it is a disgrace that we in Ireland are being told we must pay for the gambles and losses of French and German banks.

We are told we must vote Yes to be able to access money from the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) in the future. This is wrong as that "blackmail clause" only applies to countries entering into new assistance programmes after March 2013. We are already in an assistance programme. This is written on page 10 of the Independent Referendum Commission's booklet explaining the treaty. The Government is blatantly misleading people on this point.

EU leaders have already stated at an EU summit on January 30 last that they will continue to assist Ireland. They do not want Ireland to pull out of the euro as they know this would cause chaos around Europe. Notice how hard EU leaders are working to keep Greece in the eurozone?

So, in my view, it's okay to vote No and wait and see what happens in Spain, wait and see what happens in France with Mr Hollande, wait and see does our Government ever pluck up the courage to demand a better deal for us, wait and see do EU leaders actually manage to set up and fund the ESM.

There are so many variables now in this equation that the safest thing to do is vote No.

Nuala Uí Laimhín
Foxford, Co Mayo

• For over three decades Sinn Fein/IRA attempted to destroy this State with physical force terrorism.

Yet despite the defeat of their IRA buddies, SF have enthusiastically continued with this goal, now engaging in acts of economic terrorism, planting their misinformation in an attempt to bully and scare the Irish people into voting No, the consequences of which will be unimaginable austerity when Ireland is unable to borrow at affordable rates, or even at all.

SF/IRA's bombs and bullets failed. Hopefully their ill-gotten ink and weasel words will too.

Stephen Kearon, PC
Co Wicklow

Irish Independent