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Treaty truths

• The referendum is a Government and EU 'fix'!

The referendum on the Stability Treaty is an attempt by the Government here, and the EU, to force an unsuspecting Irish electorate into casting a vote that can leave this country in terminal financial bondage.

Why? Because most believe they are being asked to vote on just the 'shell' wording, unaware of the 'noxious kernel' it contains.

A separate treaty has already been signed by the 17 member states in the eurozone to establish the ESM (European Stability Mechanism).

We are told clearly in the 'Referendum Commission Guide' that the ESM is not the subject of this referendum in Ireland -- while cunningly hinting it is merely "complementary in fostering fiscal responsibility".

Nevertheless, it is this ESM that puts the gun to our heads and suggests we must vote Yes to ratify the treaty. Any country failing to ratify the treaty will not be entitled to bailouts from the ESM fund, if needed, after 2013.

Rules are made to be broken -- Germany and France were first to break them! More money was released into the economy to boost industry, exports and to create jobs. Not this stability crap, that is the work of finance ministers and bankers.

Couple this untimely treaty with the current turmoil across Europe and it will become obvious why you can count me out.

James Gleeson
Thurles, Co Tipperary

Irish Independent