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Treaty truths

• So the main thrust of the fiscal treaty is to ensure budgetary responsibility -- surely a good idea.

Then why are the Yes side advocating the treaty, while telling the electorate we must have access to funding to meet the very deficit they say must be eliminated?

Ah yes -- we will eliminate the deficit slowly and you will not even notice. So the lower paid have €100 left per month after paying their bills -- well we will have that for a start!

As an added bonus, in order to qualify for the troika's largesse, we must pay billions per year in interest on the so-called gamblers' debts, while the gamblers get their losing dockets refunded.

Without these interest payments, we might have some chance of closing the budget deficit to manageable levels.

We will eventually, of course, have to default on unmanageable debts, but not before the vultures have picked over the bones of Ireland, and taken ownership of anything of value.

We are to blame, for in the first place electing successive incompetent governments, who then serve not their electorate, but their puppet masters, and in the second place for believing the balderdash they trot out in the media, insulting the intelligence of their listeners and readers.

Wake up and look at what is happening.

The elite, with the collusion of our democratically elected leaders, themselves content with the scraps they are allowed to have from their masters' table, can scarcely believe they have gotten away with their actions.

And while we squabble about an irrelevant treaty, they are busy stuffing the last of the cash in the getaway car, all the while presumably having a good chuckle at how easily the fools and their money were parted.

Noel Gallagher

Tara, Co Meath