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Treaty truths

• The old adage that an "unexamined life is not worth living" seems to have morphed into a new saying -- the unexamined treaty is worth voting for.

Pauline Bleach
Wolli Creek, Australia

• Why is Taoiseach Enda Kenny so anxious to go ahead with the fiscal treaty referendum 'as is', yet the French President-elect Francois Hollande said he will not ratify this treaty 'as is', insisting on measures for economic growth first and changes in the treaty?

Now German Chancellor Angela Merkel is also to delay ratification of the treaty until June.

I'm confused here and not well up on how this will affect us if we vote Yes on May 31 to this treaty 'as is'?

Surely we will have accepted the treaty in its present form and any adjustments/changes to it at later stages will not refer to Ireland because they were not included at the time of voting in the Irish referendum.

Where would Ireland stand, legally, in the future with this treaty if we voted 'as is'?

Kathleen Ryan
Tallaght, Dublin

• The people who constantly denounce Germany and France for allegedly dictating our economic policies are the very same people who now want us to delay a sovereign, democratic referendum to amend our Constitution based on positions taken by the leaders of these countries.

Can Sinn Fein, Richard Boyd Barrett and Shane Ross, etc please explain this hypocrisy? Why do they think it is acceptable that Irish democracy should be delayed on the basis of vague statements made by foreign leaders?

Thomas Ryan
Harolds Cross, Dublin 6W

• I can't help but notice a resemblance, perhaps superficial, between Angela Merkel and Enda Kenny's wife, Fionnuala O'Kelly.

That said, Mr Kenny's approach to Ms Merkel has always had something of the old-fashioned Irish politician's approach to a senior reverend mother at election time: fear, respect, and a profound awareness that this is not one you get on the wrong side of.

This does not seem to me a good basis for determining future economic policy.

Eoin Dillon
Mount Brown, Dublin 8

• I'm sure Brendan Howlin will close the Dail bar and remove the dining subsidy before he asks the rest of the public servants to give up allowances.

A J Quinn
Whitefield, Limerick

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