Sunday 8 December 2019

Treaty truths

• Voting. To me, this word invokes no sense of responsibility or duty, nor does it make louder the sounds of concocted excuses persuading a nation hindered by a gaping lack of political reasoning to vote in accordance with those fighting for "growth". Instead, voting to me conveys streets riddled with generic posters displaying our crushing reality of an exigent common opinion.

Besides transforming the school run conversation into, "I'm going to vote Yes, mummy, because their picture is the prettiest" and stamping our environment with a disregard for the environment, I fail to see beyond a method of campaigning used simply because "it's the done thing".

The collective budget of a party would surely stretch to an alternative TV advertisement campaign, issuing a short synopsis of their reasoning on the matter whilst providing an attractive and effective visual display.

These ads could replace the controversial TV3 "chatline" ads in the prime and perfect slot throughout Vincent Browne's political debate show, as well as occupying slots around daily news and other popular shows.

Conversely, a public debate similar to those used in the presidential election would prove most persuasive as it would provide a stage on which our representatives could showcase their differing opinions and reasons for such.

As I see it, in-house Dail debates do not suffice as they lack accessibility to the average worker. They are broadcast at a time unsuitable for many and are therefore a failing form of nationwide education.

Due to cutbacks, these debates could replace the frankly annoying repeats of outdated 'Mr and Mrs' shows on TV3, and other programmes of that nature.

We are probably caught amidst a delirium of understanding, a blockade which breaks down upon questioning.

The voting population is expected to build the door before they open it.

With little doubt do I predict future columns based on confused voters, unwanted outcomes and passing of blame.

Our politicians must refocus and look to the people they represent. We have none of the capacity but all of the capability. Through appropriate and ample education, a spark of confidence and certainty will ignite in us to do right by ourselves and others.

Alice Munnelly
Co Westmeath

Irish Independent

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