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Treat promises with pinch of salt

Sir -- Thoroughly top and tail the country's reputation before gradually dissolving any hope Europe once had in us lifting out of recession.

Test the quality and density of the Greens by keeping them totally in the dark or until they become prickly, start to crumble and finally separated from all Governmental issues.

Tender as many resignations as possible, which will leave a dull and dried up laughing stock that will grate on the public's nerves for a number of years.

Dollop out four over ripe has-beens into the mix and pick out one as the next lame duck that will fail to get off the ground.

When the election finally arrives, clarify as little as possible but curry favour with the electorate by serving up tit-bits and treats which can only be served with a very large industrial-sized pinch of salt.

Vincent O'Connell,

New Ross, Co Wexford

Sunday Independent