Monday 20 January 2020

Travellers . . . Labour . . . Oh deer . . . Gorse . . . Doe

While superficially acknowledging some of the problems settled people face with Traveller culture, such as keeping horses without proper facilities and dumping rubbish, Martin Collins of Pavee Point maintains that settled people are "racist" towards Travellers.

When will Travellers realise that settled people judge Travellers on their behaviour and not on their so-called "ethnicity"?

R Burke


  • If politicians, senators or councillors don't represent the people, then who does?

After listening to a Labour TD on 'Vincent Browne Tonight' last night, when asked for three principles the Labour Party stands for, he struggled to state one.

Cross them off the list.

James Rogers

Rosslare Harbour, co wexford

  • In response to John Doyle (Letters, June 29), may I suggest he logs on to YouTube and types in "deer gets revenge on hunter".

I believe this is what he is looking for.

Rory McArdle

carrickmacross, co monaghan

  • Regarding your report on the €425m road that sank into the Annaholty bog near Newport, Co Tipperary, (Irish Independent, June 25), I remember when Northern Ireland's M1 was being constructed and again a fortune was lost as concrete raft after concrete raft sank into the bog.

Eventually, the construction firm listened to locals and built the motorway foundation on thousands of gorse bushes. The road is stable to this day.

Dr Adrian McCracken

Ennis, Co Clare

  • Are Green Party TDs all heart, or are they only doing it for the doe?

Gerry O'Donnell

Dublin 15

  • The problem with FIFA is monopoly. A monopoly in any business breeds contempt for all other opinions.

Mathew O'Reilly

Toronto, Canada

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