Monday 19 March 2018

Trapped in the belly of EU leviathan

• When Ireland joined the euro 10 years ago it was the final, major move of the Franco-German takeover of Europe. And the poor citizens of this great country just went with the popular advice of governments of the time -- the same governments who were banqueting with bankers and builders, relishing in the false economy they had been fooled into by the Franco-German dictators.

I call them "dictators" as they have demonstrated time and time again that they have no respect for democracy. They proved this when they reacted to our 'No' vote on Nice and again on Lisbon by telling us to try again until we got it right. A democratic vote is to allow the people to make major decisions, despite what the professionals may say, because if we only left the decisions to the professionals we would have a dictatorship.

Of course, in the case of Nice and Lisbon, Europe and our government came back with some 'changes' to the treaties. But these changes were only semantics. To put this into context, if such changes were presented as new evidence for a retrial in a court of law they would not be accepted.

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