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Trap getting it in neck from media

Giovanni Trapattoni didn't have a stroke. He had surgery on his neck.

The man himself said it. The FAI said it. And the Irish international team medical director said it.

Just not well enough for your paper. Your front page recently asked "Is it the beginning of the end for Trap?" We're then treated to a prediction on who his successor in the Irish hot-seat will be, despite the fact that he has not intimated he will step down.

You are inferring that a 71-year-old man is incapable of doing his job because of his years. You do realise that's ageist? So he is too old to do his job for Ireland but you suggest he is perfectly able to take another job after this one, back in Italy.

No wonder the man needed surgery. He's been getting it in the neck since he started.

J Carew

Irish Independent