Saturday 25 November 2017

Tragedy of miscarriage

Sir -- As a woman who has experienced the tragedy of miscarriage, and a pro-life activist of 20 years standing, I find it quite incredible that Emer O'Kelly (Sunday Independent, April 24, 2011) would use the heartbreak of the women at the centre of the miscarriage misdiagnosis scandal to take potshots at pro-lifers. Her insensitivity is equalled only by her ignorance of early human development, for what she calls a seven-week "blob of accumulated cells" is already a complex human being with a heartbeat, spinal cord, even detectable brain waves.

Whether one calls this an embryo, a foetus, or a baby is irrelevant. It is still a human being, and the humanity is not determined by the circumstances of conception or degree of wantedness by the mother.

Ms O'Kelly asked why there was no outcry on the part of pro-lifers. The reason is this. No one is saying that what happened was a good thing, or that it should happen again. Unfortunately there are forces at work who want to make the deliberate killing of pre-birth humans legal. If Ms O'Kelly can identify the advocates of deliberate misdiagnosis, which her criticism of Spuc implies exist, she will not find pro-life Ireland lacking in their efforts to oppose such monstrosity.

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