Wednesday 20 November 2019

Tragedy of 'Kojak'

Sir -- There are many reasons why the Sunday Independent is a great paper, especially John McEntee's recollection of his encounter with a 16 year old on the run from the IRA, 'Our unwelcome lodger who one day 'disappeared' (May 1, 2011).

McEntee eloquently describes his personal experience of a 16-year-old child ("Kojak") who was full of his own pathetic machismo but who ended up being murdered. McEntee put the boy in a much bigger line of kids whose naive idealism got them lured into lives of ultimate misery and, in many cases, early death. The evil people who destroyed "Kojak" are, as has been seen so recently, still active and still seeking fresh recruits.

May the boy in the article, who might still be wearing the green jumper knitted by the author's mother, rest in peace and may this society of ours remember him by doing more to prevent bored, under-educated and marginalised young men from being led astray, as he was, in future.

Christian Morris,

Howth, Dublin 13

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