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Trade union dues worth every penny

It was with dismay that I read the personal financial 'advice' of Louise McBride, ('Sunday Independent', January 30), in which she called into question the value of trade union subscriptions.

As a public sector worker and card-carrying member of UNITE, I do not view the small monthly fee as "money down the drain" -- I view it as a meagre repayment towards the enormous progress that previous generations of trade union activists have fought so resolutely for.

Statutory annual leave, parental leave, sick pay, freedom from discrimination based on gender or sexual orientation -- these are but some of the advancements that may be attributed wholly or partially to the trade union movement.

Perhaps if readers do wish to save money they may do so by not voting in exponents of the pro-cyclical neo-liberalist policies that have saddled generations of taxpayers with a debt that they have neither the desire to shoulder nor the means to repay.

Kevin Collins
Dublin 8

Irish Independent