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Tourists should take a shot at other sports

DEPUTY Dara Murphy feels we are not capitalising on our golfers to bring tourism into the country. Perhaps Mr Murphy might take a look at shooting for a moment instead of golf.

Once he sees how little we have capitalised on this sport -- such as the Creedmoor Cup (a US-European sporting event that predates the Ryder Cup and every other US-European event by about 50 years) or the Fermoy International, not to mention the success of our Olympic shooters -- he will feel so sick at the lost opportunities that he'll forget all about golf.

Then he'll realise we've thrown away the opportunity to act as a training camp for shooters going to the London Olympic Games in 2012, simply because of the mess ministers McDowell and Ahern made of the Firearms Act. And when he calculates how much money that could have brought in, he'll be so sick he'll just forget all about sport in general.

Mark Dennehy
Castleforbes Road, Dublin 1

Irish Independent