Thursday 23 January 2020

Tour de force . . . Chickens . . . Drugs . . . Nonsense

SURELY a bright career lies ahead for Nicholas Roche in journalism once he has finished conquering the cycling world?

Congratulations to him on his great performance in the Tour de France, both on the road and in your paper.

Mike Smyth

Navan Road, Dublin 7

  • NOT content with allowing Colm McCarthy to wander freely about the chicken run -- by appointing him to oversee the sell-off of the family silverware such as the ESB -- the Government clearly intends to leave the coop door ajar for him.

No point in keeping chickens if no one can afford the eggs.

Jim O'Sullivan

Rathedmond, Sligo

  • THE last person Lucinda Creighton needs to worry about is blank-page Enda Kenny. If he was really concerned about country and party, he would resign.

But poor Enda really believes he was born to be Caesar; maybe he should change his name to Nero -- he's coming across as a bit of a fiddler.

James Rogers

Rosslare Harbour,

CO Wexford

  • A RYANAIR government? ('Drivers face €10 penalty for not paying car tax online' -- Irish Independent, July 24).

Michael Nash

Glenamuck Rd, Dublin 18

  • IN 2001, Portugal became the first country to end criminal penalties for personal possession of drugs. Since then the number of Portuguese nationals using illicit drugs has plunged and it still has one of the lowest violent-crime rates in Europe. Time Ireland followed suit?

Kevin James O'Mahony

Lafayette, California

  • THE only unexplained miracle contained in the book and article by author Colm Keane ('What is the truth about 'miracle cures?' Irish Independent, July 24 ) is how such arrant nonsense gains a publisher in the 21st Century.

Steve trotter

Killarney, Co kerry

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