Monday 11 December 2017

Tooth is, celeb hygiene is news

Stop the presses! In breaking international news last week, a sensational story about a global star rippled across the globe. Kelly Osbourne, rockstar progeny, celebrity tweeter and ... well, that just about sums it up really, revealed to the public that she failed to brush her teeth.

It was just the once, mind you. But nonetheless the shockwaves that rippled across the world following this bombshell were enormous. The news of Kelly's scummy gnashers spread quickly on blogs and online newswires. The horror of an unscrubbed celebrity mouth was clearly just too much for the world to bear.

Presumably this turn of events, and its subsequent broadcast, was meant as a bit of light entertainment. But the world being what it is, I for one wouldn't be at all surprised if it got whipped up into a full-scale controversy. Before long dentists will be uniting to condemn Kelly for reckless tweeting, and setting a bad example to children, and parent groups will be calling on her to make a full apology and public act of contrition -- perhaps washing out her mouth with soap.

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