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'Too-strict' NCT puts up car sales

It is hard to discount the strictness of the NCT as it applies to the reported 30pc increase in new car sales.

Since its inception, the test has been getting tougher to pass every year and many people dread it, spurring them on to buy a new car to avoid the test.

The old test and the new test are very different in nature. Today, nearly every failure demands a retest, at €28 plus added mechanic costs.

The test is not equitable. Many vehicles are still excluded from testing -- car-vans and an array of plant, commercial, and agricultural vehicles.

NCT reports often fail to specify exactly what fault has occurred and only indicate the general area of the problem which means more time and expense with a mechanic.

NCT reports are also contradictory in nature and one can see things that should be worsening with age getting better.

Drink-driving, use of hand-held mobile phones and other distractions are the main reasons for road crashes, not bushes and wish bones.

Maurice Fitzgerald
Shanbally, Co Cork

Irish Independent