Thursday 22 February 2018

Too far gone

• Eamon Gilmore is talking now of "an economic war" – of national survival? The time for that kind of talk was on October 14, 2008, Eamon de Valera's birthday, when Cowen and Lenihan unveiled their first pathetic, fumbled budget. Some of us suggested at the time that what was needed was a national government, which would treat the situation as desperate.

The deepest silence came from Labour and Fine Gael – both of whom believed that they could 'deal' with the crisis from the comfort of plush ministerial chairs when the pendulum of power swung in their direction.

Our political elite has failed to learn from the 1977-1987 period, when Jack Lynch, CJ Haughey and even my political soul-guide, Garret FitzGerald, each failed politically to strike while the popular iron was hot.

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